Past Events Featuring Our Team

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Iowa Statewide Human Trafficking Summit

AEquitas Attorney Advisor Jennifer Dolle and Just Exits Advisory Councilmember Joy Friedman presenting "Coercive Love: Trafficking and Intimate Partner Violence" and "Assessing Culpability: Context before Conviction".

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19th Annual Hawai`i International Summit

AEquitas Attorney Advisor Jane Anderson and Just Exits Advisory Councilmember Jeri Moomaw  presented "Assessing Culpability: Context Before Conviction" and "Achieving Justice: The Prosecutor's Role in Human Trafficking Responses."

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Arizona Prosecuting Attorneys Advisory Council Human Trafficking Investigation & Prosecution Conference

AEquitas Attorney Advisor Jennifer Dolle and Just Exits Advisory Councilmember Beth Jacobs presented"Assessing Culpability: Context Before Conviction." Jennifer Dolle also co-presented "Forced Criminality through the Lens of Victor Rax."

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In-person Advisory Council meeting in San Diego, CA

In April, AEquitas staff and Advisory Councilmembers met in person in San Diego for an amazing two-day meeting where they discussed Initiative priorities, collaborated to create additional training materials, shared experiences and expertise from the field, and strategized about how to continue the important work of the Initiative.

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International Conference on Sexual Assault, Domestic Violence, and Reimagining Justice

Just Exits Advisory Councilmembers Nicole Bell and Jeri Moomaw  presented"Assessing Culpability: Context Before Conviction" focusing on the intersection of human trafficking, domestic violence, and sexual violence and how this intersection can lead to cross-victimization.